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About Us



FamilyCare Counseling Solutions, LLC, offers dual-diagnosis outpatient behavioral health services that are accessible, results-oriented, and responsive to individual and family needs. Our goal is to reduce substance use, mental illness symptoms, and family issues and improve adults, youth, and families' quality of life. Our integrated wraparound approach includes a dedicated team of behavioral health professionals and convenient services under one roof. FamilyCare Counseling Solutions, LLC’s primary focus is to provide high-quality and effective recovery treatment to address the individual and the entire family’s needs for an environment of successful healing for everyone involved. We believe everyone counts, everyone has the opportunity, and recovery is possible.


FamilyCare Counseling Solutions, LLC was founded in 2015, by Derrick Trammell. He first started the private practice out of his home providing only counseling services to children and families who may be struggling with psychosocial issues and severe emotional and behavioral problems. In 2019, he relocated to the Madeira House in Covington, Kentucky where he began to expand the practice. Since that time, FamilyCare Counseling Solutions and its programs have continued to grow and evolve to include expanded mental health and substance use counseling services, targeted case management, and peer support services. In 2019, FamilyCare Counseling was officially licensed as a Drug & Alcohol and Other Drug Entity (AODE) treatment facility to provide much needed drug and alcohol treatment services due to the growing Opioid Epidemic. Derrick recognized the need for an agency to serve the entire family’s needs and to help those in our community who are impacted by both substance use, mental health and the child welfare system. FamilyCare Counseling Solutions, LLC relocated to a large outpatient treatment center in Downtown Covington, Kentucky in 2021. The agency is situated next to the scenic Goebel Park in Mainstrasse. It includes the administration offices and the treatment center that includes all behavioral health services. FamilyCare continues to work diligently to provide a continuum of care for both adults and children who are impacted by mental health, substance use, and the child welfare system.


  • Our treatment offers a strong outpatient continuum of care plans and family-based wraparound services Under One Roof

  • What sets us apart is our unique approach is centered around the entire family, addressing a spectrum of needs and issues, from addiction to mental health and youth behavior challenges, including: trauma; anxiety/depression; grief and loss; anger management; domestic violence; and LGBTQ issues, among others.

  • Family-Based Wraparound Treatment - for youth and adults facing chronic or severe mental health concerns, at risk of out-of-home placement, or recovering from recent hospitalizations, our Family-Based Wraparound treatment is tailored to provide holistic support. Our goal is to enhance safety and stability within the family unit, ensuring that youth and adults can thrive at home.

  • Breaking the Cycle - we don't just treat symptoms; we break the cycle of challenges. Our program addresses the root causes of behavioral health and substance use issues, offering a comprehensive solution that goes beyond temporary fixes.

  • Fostering Positive Development & Building Resilience - FamilyCare is dedicated to fostering positive development in every individual we serve. We believe in the power of growth, encouraging individuals to reach their full potential and embrace a brighter future. Resilience is not just a buzzword; it's a skill we help cultivate. Our approach empowers individuals to bounce back from life's challenges, building a foundation of strength and perseverance.

  • Promoting Healthy Family Functioning - A healthy family is the cornerstone of well-being. Our program actively promotes and supports healthy family functioning, creating a nurturing environment where everyone can flourish.


  • The first step is to complete the comprehensive assessment to determine the recommended level of care and a recommendation for treatment services. 

  • Treatment Services include: 

    • Individual and Group Counseling Services for adults and youth

    • Drug & Alcohol Programs such as IOP, Aftercare, and Continued Care 

    • Enhanced Family Therapy Services to help bring families back together in a safe and fun environment to assist with parent/child relationship issues, co-parenting, custody, and family reunification

    • Trauma Empowerment Group 

    • Anger Management 

    • Peer Support Services (Recovery Coaching & Recovery Support Groups) 

    • Targeted Case Management Services 

  • We provide an unconditional commitment to high-quality behavioral health services; we use a wraparound model. A wraparound model means putting you and your family at the center. We provide support with inclusive service options by using a dedicated team of BHPs under one roof provided by FamilyCare.Our various therapies and services will help you address and cope with past or current issues. 

  • The message that we give families is that there is help; we are here for you to help build a new life in recovery (whatever that looks like). We provide front-door access to mental health and substance abuse services to help you and your entire family's needs for successful healing for everyone involved.

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