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  • We created FamilyCare Counseling Solutions Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs to provide different structured step-down levels of care to help people struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders. Our programs can help people:

    • Stop using drugs or alcohol.

    • Gain insight into their addiction through evidence-based therapies.

    • Learn the skills they need to remain sober and prevent relapse.

    • Address any co-occurring mental health disorders.

  • Seeking treatment is a courageous choice and an essential first step in the recovery process, but it might not always be clear which type of drug or alcohol program is right for you.

    • At the Outpatient Center, we provide a strong outpatient continuum of care planning and integrated wraparound services under one roof. We act as a recovery health access point to offer assistance for screening, case management, and active referral to treatment and recovery support services, a game-changer to the Northern Bluegrass Region. This initiative will help clients connect to the appropriate level of care, offer assistance on recovery information, and give referrals to help navigate treatment options in our community. The treatment center will also provide increased clinical and substance abuse assessments, Casey's law assessments for alcohol and other drug problems, enhanced individual and family counseling, peer support, and case management services. 

  • Individualized Treatment Planning

    • Familycare customizes participants' programs and services on a case-by-case basis to address specific treatment needs as needs differ from person to person. Our experienced staff creates an individual treatment plan to meet your unique needs. We meet you where you are in your recovery journey and develop therapeutic solutions that give you an excellent chance of successful, long-term healing and recovery. Your treatment changes as you change: we monitor progress and adjust your program as you learn and grow. 

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