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"Improve Access. Improve Capacity. Raise Awareness."


  • Our Adult Bridge Outpatient Program is a Family Based Wraparound treatment for adults who are experiencing chronic or severe mental health concerns, at risk for out of home placement, or had recent hospitalizations. It is used to increase safety and stability at home so adults can stay with their family. The program addresses the behavioral health issues that put adults at risk.

  • At the same time, it helps with:

    • Positive Development​

    • Resilience (the Ability to Bounce Back)

    • Healthy Family Functioning

  • Our treatment uses skill building and cognitive therapy to change unhealthy thinking and behavior. 

  • Services Include:

    • Individual Counseling

    • Anger Management Counseling

    • Group Therapy

    • Targeted Case Management for Adult and Family

    • Crisis Intervention and Ongoing Safety Planning

    • Service Coordination with Other Systems

    • Linking for Referrals and Continuing Care

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  • Services are provided in the office setting, home and community for six months or longer depending on the severity of what is going on.

  • The program works with the adult and the family and other people who support the family to decrease symptoms and create a safe and stable home.

  • The adult is an active partners in treatment. This is a key factor in maintaining success after leaving the program.


  • The family will work with their clinician to schedule one to two sessions each week or more as needed. Hours for sessions are flexible. Session types, frequency and length are determined on a case-by-case basis to meet the needs of each youth and family.

  • The clinician and family will discuss safety planning across environments (home, school, community) to reduce risk factors and ensure a safe environment for each youth.

  • A psychiatrist referral can be made, if needed.

  • The care plan or next referral will be discussed with the family and other team members to assure sustainability of treatment successes after the program.

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