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Portrait of Mother and Son

"Enhanced family therapy strengthens bonds, fosters communication, and empowers families to navigate challenges together with resilience and understanding."


  • The Enhance Family Therapy Program is designed for youth to provide family therapy to clients and their families who are looking to reconnect and reunify with his or her parents and/or guardian. The therapy process involves one parent and the child (or children) working with our therapists to address issues that have created a rift between them. The treatment process aims to help the child understand parental behavior and allow the adult to improve interactions with the child. The therapist works with the client and the family to develop interventions to change the behavior, gives tasks to family members and monitors their progress.

  • The therapists at FamilyCare Counseling have unique expertise in family therapy and the reunification process and are passionate about helping children embroiled in family conflict. We have seen how practical a collaborative approach can be, so we often consult directly with parents to help them find successful ways to manage the situation well. We integrate with your current therapeutic and legal teams and are available to support you in every stage of reunification.

  • The goals of family therapy are to:

    • Help the child feel safe and secure with their new family dynamics

    • Encourage the child to share their thoughts and feelings

    • Develop trust between parent and child

    • Set limits on behavior that may be confusing or dangerous

    • Help parents understand how past experiences are affecting their child's behavior

  • The therapy sessions will occur in an office setting and involve individual or joint sessions. This will be based on the therapist's assessment as we work with the children. It typically involves six to twelve sessions, but could be longer depending on the participation/progress of the child and participating parents/guardians. Each session is approximately one hour long, and the therapist may assign homework for the parents and children.

  • Parents who want to participate in this type of therapy must be able to attend all scheduled sessions. Missing appointments can severely impact the program's effectiveness. Moreover, it can be effective if both parties are committed to making positive changes in their relationship. The therapist is responsible for guiding the client and parents through our family therapy phases helping both parties communicate effectively to learn how their behavior affects each other.

  • CLICK HERE - Phases of Family Therapy

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  • Successful therapy often requires an additional layer of support in addition to court-ordered treatment because there are no standard therapeutic protocols. That means steps are needed to do everything you can to restore your parent-child relationship. Your counselor will help, but the more you understand how alienation works, how narcissism works, how to parent and relate to an alienated child, how to manage your relationship with your former partner or spouse, etc., the more successful reunification will be.

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