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Hi, my name is Cody; I am currently an LPCA. After attaining my Master of Science in School  Counseling at Mississippi State University, I started working on my Ph.D. in Counseling  Education and Supervision.


My life goal is to teach the next generation of counselors.  Counseling for me is companionship, and companions are with you through the good and the not-so-good. The most important thing for me in counseling is creating a relationship where  people can feel and think how they want in their experiences.


I utilize a variety of integrated  theories and techniques such as Person-centered approaches (Neo-Adlerian), Play therapy  techniques, CBT, REBT, DBT techniques, Reality/Choice theory, Narrative therapy techniques,  and Parent, Adult, and Child (PAC) theory to best satisfy the wants and needs of individuals.  Everyone lives life through different lenses, and our infinite experiences cannot be contained by  a limited theory. Additionally, Biological, physiological, and environmental variables influence  those perspectives in different domains of people’s lives. My emphasis on the view of human  nature in counseling theory provides me with a combination of perspectives for supporting  normal behaviors through abnormal situations and coping with the stressors of life.


My school  counseling degree supports me in providing informed care on the language and experiences of all  developmental stages through relationships, identity, full range of emotions, lack of emotions,  grief, trauma, adverse and complex trauma, oppositional behaviors, and other emotional  behaviors. 


Coming soon...

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